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Here is a follow-up article to the Unnecesarean link I posted yesterday about "Pit to Distress" and its terrible consequences.

Also, for those of you thinking/saying "that doesn't happen" or "that's an exaggeration", here are some firsthand accounts from the nurses asked to carry out "pit to d or d" (delivery or distress- not death, thankfully) orders. Ain't it funny how these doctors are making someone else do the dirty work for them?!

I am still angry. Mostly because I feel that all I can do to stop this is try to help women educate themselves. So many people believe that doctors are demi-gods and not flawed beings just like the rest of us. Because of that, many doctors go unchallenged and many patients forget they have the right to challenge, and refuse, any medical procedure. Then again, you wouldn't challenge a doctor if you didn't know what, exactly, was being done and why. Yet another way doctors take power away from patients. All patients, really- but specifically moms-to-be. Most don't know to ask about pitocin until they're about to receive some (if then)- and labor is no time to be researching pharmaceuticals!

Last I heard, the "vaginal bypass surgery" rate in our country was at 31.8% and rising. Who is going to change this? The doctors who stand to profit from it? No. This will only change when women take the birth process back and demand better care. With that goal in mind, I'm going to keep posting articles like this one so that more people become aware of the flaws in our current system. Even if you're never going to give birth, recognize that it is mothers- and how we treat them- that will determine the future of our world. Mothers deserve respect in all areas: spirit, mind, heart AND BODY.


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