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than to speak against the popular opinion.

than to question "the norm".

than to expect people to understand metaphor when they read it.

than to expect people to think critically.

than to expect people to accept or, gasp, even appreciate that I can think critically.

than to voice my dissent.

than to engage the sheep in even the most minor of detours from their well-worn path.

than to hope for a different response than the "you're/that's crazy" I've gotten so sick of.

It's just that the stupid, well, it HURTS me. Closed-minded, ignorant, douche-witted, dimly-lit bulbs just... make me sad. And I find myself thinking "Damn, if I were acting so foolishly, I'd want someone to say something!" So I do. And, of course, it falls on deaf ears. Even if I'm not the one directly saying it (i.e. I get linky on the person in question), it always blows up in my face about how I'm just SOOOOO radical and my ideas are SOOOO out there.

And that kills me. Not because someone I thinks I'm an asshole- whatever. Because I usually only take the time to "get into it" with people I give half a fuck about. If I didn't care about the person, I wouldn't waste my time. It's painful to see people I grew up with, people I am/was friends with, and/or people I've spent a large amount of time with acting like idiots.


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